Droit UI - License Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is hereby established on this 1st day of December, 2023, by and between Droit UI, a business incorporated under the laws of the country of Bangladesh, headquartered in House No: 14, Block: D, Avenue: 02, Mirpur Ceramic Rd, Dhaka-1216 ("Company"), and the party obtaining the design materials ("User").

WHEREAS, the User intends to utilize the design materials provided by the Company, whether through purchase or complimentary means, subject to the terms outlined in this Agreement.


"Materials" denote the design materials provided by the Company, applied to both Free and Pro versions of Droit UI.

"Free" indicates the materials provided without charge.

"User" indicates to the individual or entity obtaining the Materials from the Company.

"Pro" indicates the paid edition of the Materials.

"Projects" means the User's planned initiatives, inclusive of client assignments, personal ventures, and commercial involvements.

I. Acceptance of Terms

By acquiring the Materials, the User expressly assents to and acknowledges the terms and conditions delineated in this Agreement.

II. License Grant

The Company hereby confers upon the User a perpetual, global, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to utilize the Materials, subject strictly to the conditions of this Agreement.

III. Scope of use

The User is authorized to implement the Materials across an unlimited array of Projects, subject to the explicit constraints detailed in this Agreement.

IV. payment terms

The User undertakes to remunerate the Company the stipulated purchase price as detailed on the Company's website. This purchase price excludes any applicable taxes, levies, or duties imposed by relevant authorities, for which the User shall bear responsibility

V. intellectual property rights

All title, ownership rights, and intellectual property pertaining to the Materials shall exclusively vest in the Company. Unauthorized utilization of the Materials may result in legal action under intellectual property statutes.

VI. unauthorized activities

The User is expressly forbidden from:

a. Selling, distributing, sublicensing, or assigning rights to the Materials to third parties.

b. Developing competing products, UI kits, frameworks, or templates using the Materials or derivatives thereof.

c. Publicly disseminating, publishing, or making the Materials accessible online or through other mediums.

d. Redistributing or making the Materials available as stock, templates, or source files, either individually or bundled with other items, even if modified.

e. Distributing the Materials as-is or with superficial alterations.

f. Licensing an item and subsequently offering it as-is for download on the User's website.

g. Employing the Materials to create Projects facilitating User customization using the Materials

h. Converting any components or examples of the Materials into code and distributing the resultant code to third parties.

VII. Warranty & support

The Company warrants that the Materials conform to the descriptions provided in the official documentation. However, the Company does not guarantee that the Materials will meet all User requirements or that their use will be uninterrupted or error-free.

VIII. limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permissible by law, the Company's liability for losses or damages arising from the use of the Materials shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price, if applicable

IX. product support

Given the digital nature of the product, we are committed to providing support in the event of any product or platform-related issues.

X. refund policy

Droit UI is a digital product and this is a design asset, we strongly recommend you to check our entire product before you buy so that you can decide either it fits your need. But still we are open to refund for the following conditions:

(i) If you make two purchases by mistake then we will proceed you the refund for the last purchase

(ii) If you are completely unable to use Droit UI design system

To get the refund please email support@droitlab.com

Note: If any customer somehow purchase any plan two times by mistake then s/he will get the REFUND for the second purchase, also if you are completely unable to use our Droit UI then we offer you 7 days Refund policy.

XI. breaches and remedies

Breaches of this Agreement will be addressed in accordance with the governing laws, which may involve civil action or other legal remedies.

XII. governing law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the country of Bangladesh, without regard to conflict of laws principles.

XIII. dispute resolution

Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in Bangladesh. In the event arbitration fails, legal action may be pursued in a Bangladesh supreme court.

XIV. amendments

The Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement at its discretion, with prompt communication of any changes.

XV. license duration

The license granted to the User for the Materials is valid for their lifetime, granting perpetual usage rights in accordance with this Agreement. However, violations may result in license revocation.

XVI. entire agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties, superseding all prior agreements, whether oral or written. No modifications shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both Parties.

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